January 27, 2019

Exciting World of Public Learning: Learn by Teaching

Exciting World of Public Learning: Learn by Teaching

Short Abstract

What is the best way to learn? It is to teach. What is the best way to teach? It is to teach publicly. In this talk, we discuss how to learn new skills by sharing your experiences, what public channels you can use, and what common mistakes people make when they are just getting started.

Full Abstract

It is a well-known fact that the best way to learn is by doing. However, people have an inherently hard time doing something for which they are not accountable. This lack of accountability is why we have personal trainers, why we go to expensive seminars, and we learn best at a job.

This feeling of responsibility is the best driver for us to go that extra mile. When we have someone who relies on us, when we are responsible for something or someone, we put real time and effort into doing it well.

In this talk, we discuss a concept of public learning and how through conference speaking, blogging, and mentorship, we can genuinely master something new. We learn how to present your knowledge to the developer's community, how to get started with the public learning and how to avoid pitfalls we might face on this journey.


  • Reasons and Ways to adopt Public Learning
  • Success and Failures from experts Public Learners
  • Tips and Tricks on getting started with Public Speaking, Blogging and Teaching