January 28, 2019

Gauge + Taiko: BDD for Web Revived

Gauge + Taiko: BDD for Web Revived

Short Abstract

Have you tried doing Behaviour Driven Development? Many of us had but gave up in a week or so. While this practice has an important goal of bridging the gap between business and developers, lots of BDD tools are not fit for the task. Here is where Gauge and Taiko come into play.

In this talk, we discuss how to make BDD a success in your team with Gauge and Taiko. We dive deep into these two tools to have both an effective web testing infrastructure, and a communication channel within the organization.

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Long Abstract

Does Behaviour Driven Development work? Unfortunately, it often does not. While many people try to pitch BDD as a way to bridge the gap between stakeholders, many teams fail to communicate their test scenarios with everyone involved.

It does not help that many of the BDD tools like Cucumber can be challenging to implement and maintain. More often than not, these difficulties of BDD frameworks outweigh the benefits.

Fortunately, the tech industry has seen a new wave of Behaviour Driven Development adoption, thanks to Gauge and Taiko frameworks. With these two tools, teams get an effective combination of a testing tool and a communication channel.

In this talk, we discuss BDD principles and how Gauge+Taiko can take your team to the next level of testing collaboration. We take a deep dive into these tools and their application to the web development. To ensure your success, we look at common mistakes made during the initial implementation of BDD on organizational, and team levels.


  • Guide into Behaviour Driven Development
  • Common mistakes of BDD on organizational and team levels
  • Deep dive into Gauge and Taiko

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write("New Todo Item");
assert.ok(text("New Todo Item").exists());